Friday, April 9, 2010

The Obvious Choice- Green Eggs and Ham

Some days it can be hard to be inspired. Or motivated. From getting out of bed to oh my God putting on clothes, nothing seems seems like a good idea. Its those days where inspiration strikes and you feel like hitting yourself. "Why didn't I think of that sooner?". You might have the recent words of the lovely Jaden floating around your head: Do something unique. Something that makes you different.

That's when I decided I am going to post a recipe once a week (most likely on Friday) that has been inspired by a children's book. It might not be a picture book, but it will be a book found in the children's section (why? because I love kid's lit). Its fun and whimsical and full of good messages. How can I not want to reread it? And while I don't have any kids myself (gah I'm only 22), reading a book and cooking something based on it is something I used to do all the time when I babysat. It was always a big hit. I would love to promise that all of the food will be kid friendly, but at least one of the books I have in mind might not work that way (actually, I know it won't work that way... think of it as an opportunity to get them to try new foods).

Without further ado, this week's book.

Book: Green Eggs and Ham

Or in a box, or with a fox, on a boat, or with a goat!

Author: Theodor Suess Geisel
Characters: Sam-I-Am and the person (thing?) who will not eat the Green Eggs and Ham (never named)
Setting: Here, there, anywhere

Recipe: Green Eggs and Ham 
              Serves 2
Prepared pesto can be used in place of the homemade pesto. This can very easily be multiplied to serve more people. Cooking the eggs over low heat may seem unusual but I love slowly cooked scrambled eggs. If you are serving it to kids and truly want green eggs, add a few drops of food coloring to the eggs. My mom did it when I was younger and it was the coolest thing ever (at the time).  I was out of food coloring and feeding adults so I left it out.

  • 1 cup basil leaves
  • 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese
  •  1 clove garlic
  • about 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/8 cup toasted pinenuts
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 4 oz ham, diced
 In the work bowl of a food processor, combine basil, cheese, olive oil, garlic, and pinenuts. Blend until pesto forms. Taste and adjust seasoning/consistency as necessary.

Melt the butter in a nonstick skillet over low heat. Meanwhile, whisk eggs, ham, milk and 1 tablespoon pesto together. Pour into the pan and scramble until soft.

To serve
Place scrambled eggs on a plate and top with 1 tablespoon (or more) of the pesto.


  1. I love the book and so does my daughter. I've never made green eggs and ham. It would be cute to make them with her after reading the book.

  2. this looks so good! and i love the idea of recipes inspired by childrens' books.

  3. Hehe what a great idea! I always wanted to do green eggs and ham but was waiting for my friend to bring her kids over. Perhaps I'll use your recipe! :D

  4. Nice adult version. Remember the pancakes with your name spelled in them and the plums from the tree that miraculously had your initials? I'm looking forward to your next installment.

  5. Love it! My son just checked out a couple of Dr Seuss books this week - he'd love this.

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  7. my bf and I just had these a few weeks back at a cafe in Apollo Bay! They are so good! So going to make our own pesto and try it at home! yours looks really yummy!