About Me

I don't know what to say about me so here are 20 10 random facts:

1) I dropped out of culinary school and swore I would never work in another restaurant. I have since   worked in several and someday want to own my own.

2) I get really annoyed when people butter/eat their bread wrong.

3) I gave a speech once about how people buttering their bread wrong is a pet peeve of mine.

4) In my head, I am a combo of Lucille Ball, Martha Stewart, and Betty Draper. In reality, I'm more like Laverne and Shirley.

5) One of my favorite meals is buffalo wings, pizza, and beer.

6) I really like parenthesis (I'm sure you haven't noticed). (I hide it really well) (Or maybe not).

7) I live in Southern CA but rarely take advantage of that when cooking (which means I rarely use organic or local produce).

8) Pinot Noir has a very special place in my heart.

9) I eat foods I don't like just to make sure I still don't like them.

10) I can fill an empty sink with dirty dishes in 10 seconds flat.